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College Assistance Migrant Program -  CAMP

The federally-funded Modesto CAMP Project, offered in partnership with MODESTO JUNIOR COLLEGE,  provides migrant and seasonal farm working students from communities in Stanislaus County, California, with comprehensive academic, social, emotional and financial support services in a rigorous college setting to encourage successful completion of their first year of college and subsequently, their post-secondary education and career goals.



The Modesto CAMP Project serves 35 qualifying full-time first year students per year and supports their successful completion of their first and second year at Modesto Junior College.

Specific Support

  • Summer Bridge Program

  • Class selection help

  • Class content tutoring

  • Help with transportation

  • Help with books and materials

  • Social and emotional support

  • College visitations

  • Fun activities and events

  • Referrals for extra support and needed services

  • Whatever it takes or is needed to help EACH students be successful at MJC

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