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High School Equivalency

Cambridge Academies specializes in serving immigrant communities and individuals from multiple cultural and social backgrounds. Many adults, including young adults, who have not completed their high school education have a very difficult time obtaining a good paying job or advancing beyond a minimum wage entry level position.

The high school equivalency preparation classes and support services that Cambridge Academies offers have benefited dozens of individuals helping them not only achieve high school certification but also advance financially by participating in the workforce development program that equips and connects participants to better employment opportunities.

Cultural background, self-view and life mindset play a significant role in the ability of individuals to adapt to either a new culture or even to adapt to the culture of the workplace. Thus, our programs are culturally relevant and help individuals not only attain basic educational certifications but more important, help them understand and practice strategies to navigate and adapt to a mainstream culture without devaluing their own strengths and cultural contributions. 

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Not all graduates were able to participate in the ceremony as they could not get off work.

Congratulations to these men and women who are determined to give their families a better future! 

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2021 - 2023 Graduates

It's Never Too Late To Learn

Juan Amezcua.jpg

For 20 years, Juan Carlos had worked at a nursery doing a hazardous job cutting and trimming trees which get too close to power lines. He had never been able to advance or get a better job because he never attended high school. This dangerous job demanded precise and physical work, long hours and prolonged exposure to the elements. But resilience and discipline are the words best describing Juan Carlos, and the diligence he applied to his job clearly transferred into our High School Equivalency Program (HEP).

When Juan Carlos first joined the Cambridge Academies HEP Program, he knew he had a long road ahead of him because he had never experienced high school. When he was 15 years old his father passed away, leaving him and his two younger brothers alone with their mother. This abrupt tragedy forced him to drop out of school and work in the fields picking fruit. Thanks to this great sacrifice he made, his two younger brothers were able to advance and eventually graduate from college. Despite his past, Juan Carlos proved that his lack of education was not a sign of defeat, but rather an invitation to grow and learn throughout his time in our program.


Today, we can proudly say that Juan Carlos has not only gained his HSE diploma and the respect and admiration of our staff, family and his school peers, but he has also received a promotion and higher pay at his nursery job. This success inspired him to continue his education at our local community college and work on getting the technical qualifications needed to become a licensed electrician like his now grown younger brothers have attained.

Congratulations Juan Carlos!

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