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Workforce Development

Our vision is to create a new future for individuals in need of a “hand up”, marginalized and minority communities, and for those wanting to improve their lives through personal development and education.


It is with this vision in mind and considering the realities experienced by both unemployed individuals as well as businesses seeking skilled workers that we have developed a program to teach foundational employment skills to individuals who need and want to improve their lives and also to help existing employees advance in their place of employment.

Once our students obtain employment, a coach is assigned to each individual to help him/her navigate the challenges of a new job, which for some, is their first job. The success coach works with both the employer and employee to ensure a successful and permanent job experience.

The Enterprise Workforce Competency Model includes two main sections:

Foundational Competencies and Industry-Specific Competencies.


Foundational Competencies

Tier 1. Academic Preparation High school certification, WORK KEYS preparation, (reading, writing, math, science and technology, communication, critical and analytic thinking and basic computer skills)

Tier 2. Personal Effectiveness (interpersonal skills, integrity, professionalism, initiative, dependability and reliability, adaptability and flexibility, work ethic and culture, and lifelong learning)

Tier 3 A. Workplace Competencies (teamwork, customer focus and service, workplace roles and responsibilities, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, planning and organizing, creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making, tools and technology, scheduling and coordinating, checking, examining and recording)

Tier 3 B. Management Competencies – Leadership development and coaching


Industry-Specific Competencies (Facilitated by College and Business/Industry Partners)

Tier 4. Industry-wide Technical Competencies (industry principles and concepts, customer service, quality assurance and quality control, industry operations and production, laws, regulations, health and safety, sales and marketing)

Tier 5. Industry Sector Technical Competencies (defined by each industry, college programs)

Partnerships among educational organizations, businesses and employers result in a strong network that supports and delivers successful outcomes for both participants and employers.

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