Enterprise RESTART Model

Transforming Lives and Legacies


Enterprise RESTART is a research- and evidence-based, culturally relevant personal transformation intervention that uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Strategies as the foundational approach to impact the individual’s subconscious life—his/her thinking, self-talk, emotional control, habits and actions.


Personal development classes, coupled with life skills development, work ethic and hands-on work competencies and experiences, help each participant develop the workplace and life attitudes and behaviors that lead to advancement in employment, financial self-sufficiency and personal and family wellness.

Entrepreneurial Class

Program Components

Personal Development: Emotional control, self-awareness, success mindset, social awareness and communication skills, empathy, goal setting, work ethic, realistic expectations, and healthy habits of thinking and action

Entrepreneurial Skills: Vision and goal setting, planning and execution skills; creative thinking and problem solving, work processes, quality standards, teamwork, business development

Employment and Work Skills: Literacy development, computer and technology skills, organization, follow-through, work quality, respect for authority, understanding work systems, giving and receiving feedback, communication skills

Family relationships and communication, parenting and finances

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